PCS Power System Lab Services

Lab ServicesPCS maintains an onsite Power System Lab. Our lab has been used for testing newly developed relay and control schemes, troubleshooting existing systems and training for engineers, technicians and operators.

Listed below are some features of our lab:

  • The lab contains a scale model power system. This system consists of a synchronous generator, synchronous motor, transmission lines, buses, motor loads, reactor loads, capacitor banks, LTC, phase shifting transformer CT’s, PT’s and circuit breakers.
  • Our system is computer operated, controlled and monitored using GE Proficy SCADA/HMI Cimplicity software. The system is equipped with the latest microprocessor-based protective relaying and metering equipment, manufactured by Schweitzer Engineering Labs, Basler Electric, Beckwith Electric, GE Multilin, ABB, Schneider Electric, RFL, etc.
  • The lab is equipped with power system automation equipment including SEL 2030 Communications Processor, SEL 2100 Logic Processor, SEL 2523 Annunciator and and SEL 3530 Real Time Automation Controller (RTAC). These devices are used to communicate with relays, meters, monitoring equipment, generator voltage regulators and LTC regulators.
  • Communication protocols in use include Modbus, SEL and DNP.
  • The generators are equipped with Basler Digital Excitation Control Systems (DECS) for exciter field control. For generator protection, SEL 300G and Beckwith 3425A relays are utilized. The system also uses GE and Beckwith relays for automatic synchronization.
  • The transmission lines are equipped with SEL 421’s, 321’s and 311L’s at each end. The above set up allows settings and logic testing of protective control and communications schemes.
  • Transformers configured to be 2 winding Delta – Y and 3 winding Y – Y - Delta are set up with SEL 387, Beckwith 3311 and SEL 587 relays.
  • A series compensated line is set up to evaluate relay performance on the various compensated line sections and on adjacent lines.
  • A single pole-tripping scheme is set up with SEL 311L’s for logic testing.
  • A SEL 487B bus differential scheme was set up with 13 breakers for relay setting tests and scheme evaluation.
  • A generator automatic voltage regulator and LTC with Beckwith controls were set up on a common bus for automatic control operation testing. Droop control parameters and LTC settings were setup and tested.