Field Services

Field ServicesOur field service engineers and relay technicians stand out from other “testing companies” because of the engineering support provided by our experienced staff of principal and senior electrical engineers. Their support allows our field personnel to resolve problems quickly and to be better able to assure that the electrical design, equipment and relay configurations and protective settings are being correctly applied. We can also assist with only a portion of the substation project. Briefly outlined below are descriptions of the type of work our field personnel perform.

  • Comprehensive on site electrical testing and checkout — 480V to 500kV — electrical equipment; all manufacturers’ types of potential transformers, and power transformers (TTR, percent power factor and capacitance, oil and gas tests); all manufacturers’ types of power circuit breakers both switchgear and outdoor (insulation, oil, speed and ductor tests); all manufacturers’ types of current transformers for both protective relaying and for revenue metering (ratio, saturation, and polarity tests)
  • Protective relaying configuration and testing — all types of relays including electromechanical and microprocessor based from all major manufacturers; we have extensive experience with all SEL 200, 300, 400, 500 and 700 series relays and communication processors.
  • Computer programmed relay testing featuring the new Doble 6150 test sets using ProTest software with GPS synchronization capability. With fault simulation values supplied by our relay setting engineers, we specialize in performing GPS synchronized end to end fault testing, for both internal and external line faults.
  • Our field personnel have extensive experience with various relay to relay communication schemes including fiber optics for line current differential, SEL “Mirrored Bits” communications, power line carrier (both off – on and two and three frequency FSK units along with their associated line traps and tuners) and spread spectrum radio.
  • NERC Compliance Testing — We provide NERC compliance testing for transmission and generation installations.  This includes required protective relay testing, DC function trip testing, CT and PT testing and proper documentation and reporting.
  • System automation design test and checkout — all types of PLC, RTU, SCADA and network hardware, as well as all types of HMI software.
  • Due to our broad engineering and field experience in the power industry, our clients often request that we provide evaluation services on their electrical systems. We have reviewed maintenance procedures and intervals, equipment condition, system configuration and system protection. We make recommendations for improvements in all facets described either by modifying procedures or adding tests and developing procedures for the tests. We also provide training to client engineering and maintenance personnel.